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Energy Development and Electricity Usage Essay

Electricity consumption is something we do out of habit and unintentionally. We develop our habits based on our needs, hobbies, works, entertainment and enjoyments. We never really aware of how much we use daily and how much the source of energy is left in this world. We are named as screen generation, it means we all depending on electronic stuffs to complete and help us out in our daily life. We use air-con, television, refrigerator, fan, lamps, iron more over we use electricity to charge our gadgets those we probably have more than one like phone, laptop, tablet etc. We never really care about where the energy came from and are we wasting it? Main energy source is fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas. Many of us are uninformed about this main source of energy and how much we can take from the world. We barely know how much the world spent fossil fuels yearly to fulfill our electricity needs. The main problem here is fossil fuels are un-renewable. It takes millions of years for them to be formed and ready to use. Based on a high energies usage in this world, we need an alternative energy source to support our needs without exploiting our main source fossil fuels. We do have an alternative energy support like wind power, solar energy and moving water energy. Recent alternative energy source is nuclear energy. Those alternatives proven to be ineffective because they barely fulfilled energy needs. A natural consequence of overusing energy is increased costs for us. This can come in the form of fuel and energy bills; we will be paying more without an appreciable return on your investment. We may also risk lowering the expected lifespan of appliances and other electronics. When we have to replace spent devices, we further impact the environment by generating waste and purchasing replacement equipment. Our wise use of electricity, therefore, can translate into long-term savings in energy bills and also reduce the need for other purchases. Singapore energy support depends on natural gas imported by Indonesia and Malaysia. Due to Singapore lacks of natural resources Singapore has to be a depending country. Singapore’s energy support 80% imported from both Indonesia and Malaysia and 51% of it came from fossil fuels. The unawareness of public and lack of information lead me to develop this project. Not only to improve ourselves but also to provide for our next generation. Creative objective The aim of this project is to raise people’s awareness about the overused of electricity in Singapore household to reduce usage of electricity in their daily activities and to educate people about the effect to the earth. This campaign will make people take an action to against global warming that already happened in our earth. Cultural Context The project would be based in Singapore household electricity usage. Singapore is a well-developed country with a high numbers of citizens and resulting in high level of electricity usage, Singapore is a busy city that can make a lot of energy to support their industry, household, office, shopping mall and etc. Singapore doesn’t have own source energy, but Singapore had a good government that can manage their citizens’ energy usage with a small land but big populations. Singapore gets the energy from neighbor countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Households and industries in Singapore used a record amount of electricity in 2010 – the highest monthly usage in the last seven years. Economic activities have grown in the commercial and industrial sectors, which account for 75 per cent of the energy consumption. That why, because Singapore is a busy city, the people can handle their habits from overused electricity. Target market/Audience This campaign will focus on household, because at home that’s the first habit that people/families did. The primary will be parents because the parents are the people who make the rules or play an important role in the home. The secondary will be the youth/teenagers because they must know how/about saving electricity to save the earth as generations this day and for the future. Geographical: †¢ Singapore Demographic: †¢ Male & Female †¢ Family / Domestic Household †¢ Age Group: – Parents (25 – 45) – Teenagers (12 – 20) – Children (6 – 11) – Elderly (60+) †¢ Middle to High-income range Psychographic: †¢ Parents. †¢ Working people, fast-paced lifestyle, rarely stay at home. †¢ High-tech people †¢ Teenagers who like to play computer, electronic games. †¢ People who would like to know more about saving electricity. * * SWOT Strength: †¢ Can reduce the effect of electricity usage to the earth. †¢ People can learn more how to save the electricity and their money. †¢ People in Singapore can learn more environmentally friendly. Weakness: †¢ People still ignoring about the overuse of electricity †¢ Most people not well informed about the effect of overuse electricity. Opportunities: †¢ To gain support and to educate the public †¢ To remember the public about savings electricity with campaign that already done in Singapore. †¢ To spread the actual information about the cost and the solution to minimize electricity usage in Singapore. Threats: †¢ Public behavioral change †¢ Public mind set change * Deliverables This campaign will feature a print advertising that is a poster series that supported by the government, web design for this campaign, and also an application for smart phone as a consideration. Success measure These campaigns will success if people start take action to minimize the electricity. When people start prioritize electricity savings and when the number of electricity usage in Singapore show that the number are decreasing by changing Singaporeans behavior.

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Ethical Codes and Particular Cases - 626 Words

ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 1 Ethical Codes and Particular Cases Shannon Smithers Walden University ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 2 The Florida Bar v. McAliley was a case of a husband who is a member of The Florida Bar fighting with his wife over final order regarding modification of custody, visitation, parental responsibility, and other issues. He claimed that their minor child was being harmed by second hand smoke, and was told by his mother how to act when he was with him. He filed numerous claims to the appellate court ranging from not being able to be present for medical and dental exams to the trial judge not letting him represent himself. Every claim he filed was then denied because the†¦show more content†¦If he thought he could manipulate the courts just because he is a ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 3 lawyer, how do we know if he is not like that towards other clients and judges. I understand that people get emotional when things like divorce and custody arises and things can get out of hand, but in this case, I feel he went a little overboard only thinking about himself and not considering the consequences this all had on his ex wife and minor child. He was definitely unprofessional and even one of the judges said â€Å" if someone asks me what vexatious litigation looks like, the former husbands various filings in this divorce case, especially his antics in these post judgment proceedings, are an excellent example† (Judge Farmer, 1997). Judges and lawyers have a higher standard to go by, if this type of action is not tolerated when representing a client, then it definitely should not be tolerated by a lawyer in his own case. ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 4 REFERENCES: American Bar Association. (n.d.). Lawyer ethics and professionalism. Retrieved from 1 McAliley v. McAliley, 704 So. 2d 611 - Fla: Dist. Court of Appeals, 4th Dist. (1997). Retrieved from,47as_vis=1 The Florida Bar v. McAliley, 797 So. 2DShow MoreRelatedThe Case Study B When Best Interests Of Client Harm A Third911 Words   |  4 PagesIn the case study B, â€Å"When ‘Best Interests of Client’ Harm a Third†, the ethical dilemma existing is best interest of client vs. obligation to nonmaleficence. According to the NASW Code of Ethics, there is no specific legal code that actually addresses the decision making dilemma. There is the legal code section 1.01, Commitment to Clients however, it does not effectively support and guide Suzanne’s worker in this particular case despite the discussion of the â€Å"responsibility to the larger society†Read MoreCode of Ethics Assignment1001 Words   |  5 PagesASSIGNMENT 1. Understand the role of codes of ethics and discuss its function as a social tool in ensuring ethical behaviors are in place (use the registration of engineers act 1967 as a guide line). To be a professional there are a certain set of rules that you have to comply to this rules. Engineering societies in this case have adopted a set of rules knows as the code of ethics. Basically, a code of ethics provides a framework for ethical judgment for a professional. [1] Framework meaningRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Conduct1564 Words   |  7 PagesThese are considered as rules or regulations which sense the right or wrong doing related to any individual. Ethics in professional life can be defined as the sense of a person with which is responsible for controlling that routine practice of a particular person with which he can distinguish between right and wrong (Resnik, 2011). In professional fields, the importance of ethics can’t be denied. Every profession makes use of certain guidelines on the basis of which the whole job is performed. TheRead MoreCode Of Ethics Of Ieee. Computer Society1597 Words   |  7 Pages1Introduction Today, established ethical frameworks play a vital role in companies and organisations, espe- cially in big ones. Ethical framework, also known as code of conduct and code of ethics, is a set of guidelines, recommendations and rules, which specify expected behaviour and possible options how to make ethical decision, under different circumstances. It is crucial for every institution to set up ethical framework in order to prevent specific problems and to have es- tablished policy toRead MoreEthical Issues Associated Within The Clinical Counseling Profession Essay1580 Words   |  7 Pages6 This paper will discuss a fictitious case vignette that encompasses ethical issues associated within the Clinical counseling profession. There will be at least four of the nine sections of the ACA Code of Ethics that will be covered within the context of this case. In consideration of each of these ethical breaches there will be dialog on the nature of the ethical issue or violation, where the ACA ethical code applies, ramifications of the ethical issue or violation of both parties, and withRead More Code Of Professional Ethics By American Institute Of Certified Public1259 Words   |  6 Pages Code of Professional Ethics by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Introduction quot;A code of professional ethics is a voluntary assumption of self discipline above and beyond the requirements of the law. The Code of Ethical Conduct serves the highly practical purpose to notify the public that the profession will protect the public interestquot; (Carey, Doherty: p 3). When people need a doctor, a lawyer or a certified public accountant, they seek someone whom they can trust toRead MoreThe Conflicting Ethics With The Right1540 Words   |  7 Pages1996) In the case I described above, three codes of ethics come into a struggle with one another. Beneficence involves doing good or acting in kindness to your patient. Autonomy necessitates respecting the patients requests. The ethical difference of nonmaleficence, however, requires that you do your patient no harm (Lamke, 1996) If your patient wants to die, and under the circumstances that you feel death would be of good to your patient, how do you justify honoring these two ethical codes without violatingRead MoreThe Case Of Engineer James Liang And The Volkswagen Emission Scandal1291 Words   |  6 PagesBut was it ethical? This question will often be asked regarding the case of engineer James Liang and his role in the Volkswagen emission scandal. During the period of early 2006 to 2014, James Liang and his team of engineers developed a â€Å"defeat† device that allowed diesel powered vehicles to pass the EPA emission test, when in fact the vehicles were emitting up to 30 times the allowable limit. To many, this may seem a black and white case of ethics due to the fact that Liang’s team and VolkswagenRead MorePros And Cons Of Having A Professional Code Of Ethics1683 Words   |  7 PagesPros and Cons of Having a Professional Code of Ethics Introduction A professional code of ethics acts as a guide concerning ethical conduct in a given profession. However, over time, it has been termed as an impediment to intellectual and moral developments. This way or another, there are advantages as well as disadvantages that emanate from applying the professional code of ethics depending on the context of practices. For this reason, this paper discusses both sides: positive and negative effectsRead MoreOrganizational Ethics934 Words   |  4 PagesEthics †¢ Identify typical ethical problems of managers. †¢ Recognize differences in ethical behavior and responsibility between an employee and a manager. Course Assignments 4. Readings †¢ Read Ch. 6 7 of Managing Business Ethics. †¢ Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. 5. Learning Team Instructions †¢ Begin preparing for the Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Action Plan Presentation due in Week Five by reading one of the following case studies from Managing Business

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Contributions of Ancient Greece and Rome to the Western...

While both Roman and Greek cultures greatly influenced Western Civilization, Greeks contributed more to the western world than the Romans. The Greeks used their own ideas and thought of new ways to add to their culture, while the Romans mostly mixed and matched ideas from other civilizations and cultures to make their own. The Romans took up the inheritance of the Greeks adapted it to their own language and national traditions. (Grant 2)The Greeks introduced many new ideas and traditions, the most important being democracy - Athenian democracy in particular. After the Dark Age, the population in Greece grew so quickly that soon, there were way too many free peasants. These peasants realized that nobody could stop them if they tried to†¦show more content†¦In general, democracy rested on the belief that the cumulative political wisdom of the majority of the voters would outweigh the eccentricity and irresponsibility of the few. (Martin 113)In addition to democracy, the Greeks most important contribution to Western civilization, many elements of modern culture are rooted in ancient Greece. Philosophers, especially Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates impacted the way people thought about the world around them. Greek architecture is still commonly used today, as evidenced by our use of pillars and columns. The ancient Greeks also excelled in sculpting. They figured out how to make graceful, emotional, and realistic statues which needed no additional support. Poetry, theatre, and drama also made up an important part of Greek culture. Some Greeks studied science, math, history, and their studies form the basis of many of todays theories. Science helped others understand a little more of these subjects. In Greece, as in todays world, science was based on observation, not myth, even though myths were considered an important part of life to every Greek. The Greeks are also considered to be the first people who recorded history only after consulting witnesses, forming the base of modern history. One exceptionally significant custom of the Greeks still observed today is the Olympics. These ancient games incorporated a concept of free athletic competition without bloodshed. If the GreeksShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Roman and Grecian Effects on Society1261 Words   |  6 Pagesempires from early in human history. Much influence can be found from the Roman and Grecian empires, more than from any other sources. The basic forming of our own government can be traced back to the ideals that formed the Roman and Greek governments, paying attention their strengths and also to what caused the demise of those societies as well. ( Let us examine the Roman influences and facts first. Roman Governmental Influence: There was almost a caste system of sorts, anRead MoreGreece s Impact On The World1360 Words   |  6 Pagesbetter the world is to go back to the past and learn the ways of those who came before and learned from their mistakes; sort of like time traveling. When going back in time and comparing the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece to today, the root of our knowledge are greatly influenced on the minds who have lived at that time. Some may ask which civilization had the most impact on United States and the world? Many would say that the Romans had the most impact on United States and the world and someRead MoreGreek And Roman Comparisons And Contributions1698 Words   |  7 Pages Greek and Roman Comparisons and Contributions Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are responsible for many facets in today’s world. In fact, when reviewing history, the Greeks and Romans are sometimes confused with one another. There are many shared traditions, but yet there are many differences between the two. The countries are both Mediterranean, however they had different social class structures, different mythology, and placed different values on life. Ancient Greece was vibrant in the fifthRead MoreA short term cause of World War I was Kosovo Day, which was a day for ethnic cleansing. This2800 Words   |  12 PagesA short term cause of World War I was Kosovo Day, which was a day for ethnic cleansing. This relates to World War II because Hitler had extermination camps to kill the Jews, and whoever else he didnt see fit to be in the world. The failure of the Directory eventually lead to the rise of Napoleon because in 1797, there were new elections. Because they couldnt agree on things, they relied on the military. So in 1799, the coup detat came about and led to Napoleon gaining power. (textbook pg. 552)Read MoreEarly Civilizations and the Dawn of the Medieval Age Essay3703 Words   |  15 Pagesfrom the Greek noun historia meaning inquiry or research. Aristotle regarded it as a systematic account of a set of natural phenomena, whether or not chronological ordering was a factor in the account. The term history has now come to be applied to accounts of events that are narrated in a chronological order, and deal with the past of mankind. Learning by inquiry about the past of mankind was later developed into a discipline by the Greek historians Thucydides and Heredeotus (who is popularlyRead MoreOrigin Development of Sociology as a Separate Science2145 Words   |  9 Pagesconsidered as the Father of Sociology. Comte who invented the term Sociology was the first man to distinguish the subject-matter of Sociology from all the other sciences. He worked out in a series of books, a general approach to the study of society. He introduced the word sociology for the first time in his famous work ‘Positive Philosophy At About 1839’. The term Sociology is derived from the Latin word ‘Socius’, meaning companion or associate, and the Greek word ‘Logos’, meaning study of science.Read MoreComparison of the Renaissance and Enlightenment.3470 Words   |  14 PagesRenaissance means rebirth or recovery, has its origins in Italy and is associated with the rebirth of antiquity or Greco-Roman civilization. The age of the Renaissance is believed to elapse over a period of about two centuries, approximately from 1350 to 1550. Above all, the Renaissance was a recovery from the Middle Ages and all the disasters associated with it: the Black Death, economic, political and social crises. For the intellectuals, it was a period of recovery from the Dark Ages; aRead MoreChristianity as a Unifying Influence in the History of Europe6059 Words   |  25 Pagesas the mountainside villages of rural Europe. Its bishops were part of the politics of countries at the highest level and for many centuries its clergy played the role of civil servants to the European rulers. It helped form the foundations of modern human rights and law across Christendom. By the end of the reformation Christianity had passed its peak of influence on European society, and so in evaluating its influence, it is perhaps best to end this paper at that point. Also because of theRead MoreMuslim Spain (711-1492)8971 Words   |  36 PagesMoors of al-Andalus.Islamic Spain was a multi-cultural mix of the people of three great monotheistic religions: Muslims,Christians, and Jews.For more than three centuries in Medieval Spain, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together and prospered in a thriving multicultural civilization. Here, remarkable individuals of different faiths made lasting contributions in such areas as poetry, art, architecture, music, dining etiquette, science, agriculture, medicine, eng ineering, navigation, textiles, andRead MoreEssay about Summary of History of Graphic Design by Meggs14945 Words   |  60 Pagesthe specialization of trades. - Egyptians used hieroglyphics. - The Rosetta Stone, which was created in 196 or 197 BC, contains writing in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Egyptian Demotic Script, and Greek. The major deciphering of the stone was done by Jean-Francois Champollion. - As hieroglyphics presented more opportunities than cuneiform, the language was used for commercial documents, poetry, myths, etc†¦ - Papyrus paper was a major step forward in Egyptian visual communication. - The Egyptians

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Analysis of Bacons Essay of Love - 1235 Words

Analysis of Bacon’s essay ‘OF LOVE’ In this essay, â€Å"Of Love† Bacon tries to alter reader’s understanding by pointing out the shortcomings of love by focuses his attention on three points: Love is entertaining only on stage, it is an exaggerated form of expression in literature and wisdom and love wouldn’t coexist. He starts his essay by plunging direct into the crux of his argument which is confined in a short sentence, â€Å"The stage is more beholding of Love, than the real life of man.† He in the next line articulates the Aristotelian classification of stage i.e. tragedy and comedy. He believes that only plays are capable of portraying love that is pure and gives joy while in reality love is digressive, deluding and impish in nature like†¦show more content†¦In his view, this potent sensation is for the private life like religion and can be shared with friends, spouse and with the creatures of God, if it follows enthusiastically in the streets it becomes an emasculating inf luence. It is said that love is a â€Å"fever that comes and goes quite independently at its will.† It is a passion that doesn’t work on calculations, though it gives pain but life is incomplete without this suffering. If we compare Bacon’s notion of love with C.S. Lewis’s â€Å"The Four Loves† we also find some categorization of love but for him this suffering is a pivotal ingredient of life. He says, â€Å"There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket — safe, dark, motionless, airless – it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, and irredeemabl e. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all theShow MoreRelatedFrancis Bacon15624 Words   |  63 Pagessaleable morality. He is a moralist-cum-worldly wise man. Bacon appears as a moralist in his essays, for he preaches high moral principles and lays down valuable guidelines for human conduct. Some of his essays show him as a true lover and preacher of high ethical codes and conducts. For instance, in â€Å"Of Envy†, he puts: â€Å"A man that hath no virtue in himself, ever envieth virtue in others.† Then, in his essay â€Å"Of Goodness and Goodness of Nature† he says: â€Å"But in charity there is no excess; neitherRead MoreThe Human Psyche, By Michel De Montaigne And Sir Francis Bacon2294 Words   |  10 Pagesinsatiable curiosity, used the literary form of the essay in an attempt to capture the world in its entirety and its diversity: every thought, every experience, and every inquiry in their work questions the intrinsic value of humanity. The intelligence and imagination of these two essayists becomes a small universe , in which the individual can articulate the way in which humans think about the world and their relation to it. Montaigne s essay, Of Experience (1580-92), and Bacon s Of StudiesRead MoreOf Truth by Francis Bacon and a Short Analysis What Is Truth? Said Jesting Pilate, and Would Not Stay for an Answer. Certainly There Be, That Delight in Giddiness, and Count It a Bondage to Fix a Belief; Affecting1 Free-1965 Words   |  8 PagesOf Truth by Francis Bacon and A Short Analysis What is truth? said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer. Certainly there be, that delight in giddiness, and count it a bondage to fix a belief; affecting1 free-will in thinking, as well as in acting. And though the sects of philosophers of that kind2 be gone, yet there remain certain discoursing3 wits, which are of the same veins, though there be not so much blood in them, as was in those of the ancients. But it is not only the difficultyRead MoreEssay on HUMAN BEINGS AND NATURE DURING THE REVOLUTION OF THE MIND3395 Words   |  14 Pageseducated by classical and Christian texts that stressed humility before the divine. In 1637, Descartes made a philosophy of questioning authority with his book, Discourse on Method. In the book, Descartes developed a mathematical counterpart to Bacons empirical challenge of the deductive reasoning method. The first tenet of his philosophy was never to accept anything as true when I did not recognize it clearly to be so... [and to] reject as absolutely false all in which I could conceive the leastRead MoreEssay on A Role for Religion in Public Service3653 Words   |  15 Pagesrecommends including both past- and future-oriented views. In historical terms ideology dates only from the late eighteenth century. But learned awareness of deliberate misinformation preceded the term itself by several centuries, as in Francis Bacons idols of the tribe, cave, market, and theater, Machiavellis distinction between thought of the palace and thought of the public square, and Humes sensitivity to feigning in his History of England.(8) Then the French philosophes used ideology

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Carnival Cruise Lines Case Free Essays

Carnival Cruise Lines case Questions 1. What global forces have contributed to the growth of the cruise industry? Two major factors that have contributed to the growth of the cruise industry are the change in the competitive environment brought about by the advent of transoceanic airline service and increasing discretionary incomes. As demand for liner travel declined in response to the development of less expensive and much faster air service, shipping lines were forced to respond to the new market conditions by developing sea travel for the middle class, i. We will write a custom essay sample on Carnival Cruise Lines Case or any similar topic only for you Order Now . , cruises. In addition, all-inclusive prices, a wide range of on-board and on-shore offerings, and the additional safety and security measures provided by the cruise industry have proven very attractive in light of recent political and socio-economic events. 2. What specific steps have Carnival Cruise Lines taken to benefit from global societal changes? Carnival has responded to global environmental changes in a variety of ways. Because a ship is highly vulnerable to terrorist acts, Carnival has instituted very strict security measures. It has also implemented strict health and safety measures. Carnival has dealt with economic recessions by offering shorter cruises that embark closer to home and with times of economic prosperity by offering longer cruises that incorporate more exotic destinations. It minimizes staffing costs by sourcing employees on a global basis. In addition, across its various lines, Carnival offers a wide variety of themes, classes of service, and destinations. 3. What are some of the differences by country that affect the operations of cruise lines? Political/legal, geographic, economic, and sociocultural differences all affect the operations of cruise lines, which are truly international in nature. For example, most shipping lines choose to flag their vessels in countries such as Liberia, Mongolia, or Panama because of the lower taxes and less stringent employment practices required by the laws of those countries. Relatively few countries (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea, for example) have shipyards capable of building cruise ships. Consequently, governments (e. g. , Italy) may choose to subsidize the ship-building industry in order to secure contracts for their domestic firms. The favorable location of the Caribbean/Bahamas and the Hawaiian Islands makes them busy destinations year round, while Alaska is strictly a seasonal favorite. Because of their professional skills and fluency in English, Philippine workers comprise nearly a third of the seamen worldwide. Yet many other crew members also come from Eastern Europe, Vietnam, and China. Finally, in addition to the fact that many ships are designed to accommodate the economic realities of the mass market, others are specifically designed to appeal to the cultural preferences of their clientele (e. g. , Costa, based in Italy, offers a distinctive Italian flavor). 4. Although most cruise line passengers are from the United States, the average number of vacation days taken by U. S. residents is lower than in most other high-income countries. For instance, the number is 13 days per year in the United States as compared to 42 days in Italy, 37 in France, 35 in Germany, and 25 in Japan. How might the cruise lines increase sales to people outside the United States? Given that the majority of people in the targeted income segment ($20,000-$60,000 per year) have yet to take a cruise, the major task confronting the cruise line industry is one of marketing. In addition to promoting the many appealing features of its various cruises and lines throughout the developed world and selected developing countries, Carnival could partner with foreign airlines and travel agents in order to get foreign vacationers to its many ports of embarkation. . What threats exist for the future performance of the cruise line industry and specifically Carnival Cruise Lines? If you were in charge of Carnival Cruise Lines, how would you (a) try to prevent these threats from becoming a reality, and (b) deal with them if they do become a reality? While the potential market for Carnival seems very attractive, port capacity could well become an issue. The deep water and the massive facilities require d to dock a liner in any port are limited. In addition, there are passionate cries from environmentalists regarding the damage (pollution of the seas, disorientation of sea mammals caused by the noise of the propellers, etc. ) being caused by liners both in port and at sea. Should there be a major global economic disaster or a global health pandemic, the cruise line industry will surely suffer. To proactively deal with the possibility of a downturn, Carnival should invest heavily in research and development in order to continually minimize the environmental impact of its ships and their operation. It must also carefully develop its global cruise structure n a way that complements existing capacity—or else work with ports to provide additional capacity. If Carnival finds that it must react to a downturn, it should always think in terms of all of its stakeholders, not just its stockholders. Of course, it will want to minimize any damage to its operations and profits. However, given the immense size of the firm, it may al so be possible for Carnival to reach out to others (such as providing liners to be used as housing for workers, as in the case of Hurricane Katrina). Carnival will be better served by a long-term rather than a short-term orientation. 6. Discuss the ethics of cruise lines regarding the avoidance of almost all taxes while simultaneously buying ships built with governmental subsidies. This is definitely a complex issue. While cruise lines avoid most taxes by flying flags of convenience, they argue that they must do so for competitive (cost-savings) reasons—and that other governments could choose to offer the same benefits. Their supporters also argue that the lost taxes are at least to some extent indirectly offset by port fees and passenger spending, and that the taxes realized by less developed countries are important contributions to their economies. However, others argue that the less restrictive staffing, safety, and operating requirements associated with flags of convenience are intolerable. They argue that lesser standards pose both safety and environmental hazards and that in the long-run, the costs to society are high. They feel strongly that if shipping lines receive government subsidies on the one hand, it is immoral and should be illegal for them to avoid paying taxes on the other. How to cite Carnival Cruise Lines Case, Papers

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Pathology and Lab Medicine for Robbins and Cotran Pathologic

Question: Discuss about thePathology and Lab Medicine for Robbins and Cotran Pathologic. Answer: Introduction In the lab, people ought to be very careful when handling any kind of material and it is important one should ask before doing any test. Inside the lab, there is usually a supervisor and the assistants who can help in bringing order in the lab. Communication Teamwork Via email, when outside the lab, one may contact the supervisor via email if there is something important that would like to inform him, for example, if someone is not coming for some reason like when sick, he/she should send him an email. When absent from work one should ensure he/she provide the reason for not being in work. The communication should be done officially and in a polite way so that the supervisor can manage the work in your absentia. Alternatively, one can communicate a day before and ask for permission to avoid any inconveniences. One should only communicate using the email just in case the issue is an emergency Rothstein, William (2009). Verbal contact if we are the lab, the supervisor contacts me directly if he needs to do anything. This means that the communication should be verbal since it is one of the most effective means of communication. Verbal communication entails being polite and following good etiquette. Being polite is an important aspect for instance when requesting something someone should be very polite in order to be offered that one is asking for. Using the etiquettes such as sorry in case you did something wrong, thank you when someone does something good to you, excuse when you interrupting someone in the middle of something and please when persuading someone. Some of these etiquettes are important in verbal communication to show that you have respect for people. In pathology lab, because one is teaching lab so most information about the practical classes in addition, about how to prepare the lab for practical classes, also there are specific informations they try to deliver it to me as a placement student. For example, one has to be informed about some techniques how to prepare some of the reagents and how to do a certain type of stains. Therefore, one should be conversant in these methods so that one understand them better. Most of these methods are done systematically hence, it is important to ask questions where there is no good clarification. There should be no wait until the supervisor is done with the explanation Rothstein, William G. (2009). Include how one take advice, give or take instruction as well as offering professional opinion. Ask about anything that do not know, so that one can do it right, in addition, be accurate in time , so try to go early like 5 minutes before the work time and be accurate in coffee break time, I think like that small details help to make better work environment. Every time one require a clarification, he/she should approach the supervisor when the rest of the students are not there so that one can explain his/her own problem and he clarify for without any difficulties. This would ensure well understanding than when one would just keep quiet with a problem. It is important to have a notebook to write what the explanation is all about. This would ensure that one would not forget all that is said. To ensure a good working environment, there should be no noise around. The place should be very silent to ensure communication is well passed from one party to another. The students in the lab shou ld maintain silence in order to make others understand all the information passed. Nobody should distract others in any way. Students too can communicate with each other and assist one another where the information is not clear. King, Lester (2011). What difficulties may be encountered, give examples, and how are they resolved? The below some example of some difficulties in lab, but I would like you to add others To be part of the teamwork is the most difficult thing, but that can be resolved with the time. In addition, there are some difficulties in some works, for example, if one face any difficulties in any staining procedure, one should ask any expert in the lab to fix. Usually, the employees in pathology lab give a valuable advice and try to make everything easy and clear to do. Every time one encounter a problem, it is important to ask the expert a question so that the clear to avoid messing up with an experiment Machevsky, Alberto, Wick, (2014). One should not find a difficulty in doing something and just hold it. It is good when you ask a question and more clarification so that the explanation becomes very clear. Be ready to listen to what is being explained by taking notes and asking all kinds of questions that are important in such a scenario. Never assume anything is easy therefore everything should be done with much seriousness no avoid messing up anything. Before trying out anything, first, follow the instructions and where it is not clear just ask. Use the apparatus provided in the right manner and ask questions where you do not understand the use of a certain apparatus. Avoid distractions when conducting any sort of experiment and follow all the information provided to understand everything appropriately. Conclusion It is important communication in the lab should be very efficient to enable all people to understand what really happens in the lab. Where one does not understand can go ahead and ask question for a finer explanation. References Robbins, Stanley (2010). Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of disease (8th ed.). Philadelphia: Saunders/Elsevier. Pp. 90-110 King, Lester (2011). Transformations in American Medicine: From Benjamin Rush to William Osler. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins. Pp. 27-88. Machevsky, Alberto; Wick, M (2014). "Evidence-based Medicine, Medical Decision Analysis, and Pathology". Human Pathology. Pp. 67-70. Rothstein, William G. (2009). "Pathology: The Evolution of a Specialty in American Medicine". Medical Care. Pp. 17-20.

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Multiple Personalities Essays - Psychology, Behavior, Personality

Multiple Personalities The variance in personalities can be as massive as an ocean or as microscopic as an atom. Most people think of personalities as distinctive. I have found distinctive does not necessarily describe personalities. Renee is a friend of mine who has a very wide variance in personality. Renee`s personality can change within a matter of minutes. She calls me daily with a seemingly innocent conversation. The conversation always starts with simple inquires about the general health of family and friends. Suddenly, as if possessed by some demonic force, she will insult other people that we both know. She says things that I personally know to be untrue. When I try to point out what she is doing, she turns her anger toward me. At any point during a telephone conversation, she can exhibit any one of three different personality aspects. Each of these personality aspects demonstrates individual distinctions. One person can have multiple personalities. In fact, my friend has three aspects of her personality. The three are the friend forever, the crybaby, and the rattlesnake personalities. The "friend forever" personality is the one with which I am most familiar. When she displays this personality, she concerns herself with others, she is willing to help out, and she always has a dry shoulder to loan for crying. Renee so easily fits into this category. Most days, she is a very loving and caring individual. She concerns herself with the welfare of others. While in this personality, Renee goes out of her way to call Smith -2- and inquire about the health of others. She offers her help in any situation. She may not be physically able to change a flat tire for a person, but she will hold the light so the person can see how to change the tire for themself. Renee always has a dry shoulder on which someone can cry without invitation. She will listen to a friend's problem for hours without complaint. Renee is the type person who will go to the ends of the Earth for a friend. However, this is only one of Renee`s personalities. Unfortunately, she has more than one from which to choose. The crybaby personality is another of my friends multiple personalities. This personality is the one I find most confusing. When Renee is in her crybaby modality, she is unsatisfied and depressed, and she complains about everything. I have never seen my friend satisfied when she was being a crybaby. She can be a fifty percent winner of the lottery, and she obsesses over the fact that she is not the sole winner. Renee is a very depressed person. She often cries without rationale. When Renee is being a crybaby, she complains about everything in life. Someone can offer her a job making millions of dollars per day, and she will complain about the drive to work. My friend is not always a crybaby. Sometimes she is worse. The rattlesnake is the least desirable of Renee`s personalities. She is a real demon with this personality. Renee routinely insults others, acts superior, and starts rumors. Renee insults other people for spite. She makes objectionable remarks about their appearance or disposition. She goes out of her way to tell a complete stranger their clothes don`t match. Renee acts superior towards others. She acts pompous toward a Smith -3- person who has been her friend for years. While in public, she will snob an old friend. Renee starts rumors without remorse. She tells complete lies about other individuals just to see how much trouble she can cause. She calls the police and tells them someone has stolen her jewelry while the jewelry is still on her person. Each personality has its own distinctions. If Renee has more than one aspect to her personality, is it possible that we all have multiple aspects to our personalities? We should all take the time to think about our actions. Someone just may be watching. The someone who might be watching may be inside of us.